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AfroFuturist Field Trip: Night Skies @ The Franklin Institute

Last week, AfroFuturist Affair had the opportunity to shake hands and talk afrofuturism with Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer of The Franklin Institute at their monthly astronomy event, Night Skies at The Franklin.  An enlightening presentation entitled “Telescopes as Time Machines” was given by Dr. Jason Kalirai (also a hue-man), research astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, MD.

We will be observing the Transit of Venus (an event that wont be repeated until the year 2117) with Dr. Pitts on June 5, 2012 at The Franklin Institute Observatory. Click here for more info: Chief Astronomer Derrick Pitts guides visitors through the transit of Venus on the rooftop deck at The Franklin Institute!