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His base assumption is that similar symbols reflect similar truths. This should be applied to cross currents between science and religion, just as it has been between cultural belief systems. The Science of the Dogon elegantly applies this to Dogon cosmology. For instance, Scranton provides an example between Dogon symbolism and quantum physics. After elaborating how the Dogon describe the formation of the universe from the opening of Amma’s egg and the elaboration of tiny seeds called “po,” Scranton writes:

Clearly what is being spoken of…is the formation of the building blocks of matter-atoms and their components. So, when we suggest possible meanings for the Dogon symbols that are related to atomic structure, the idea is wholly and completely in keeping with how the Dogon understand their own symbols. (In Dictinnnaire Dogon, Genevieve Calme-Griaule describes the po as “the image of the atom.”) However, if we look carefully, we can see that the surface story of the Dogon myth might also pointedly direct us to the concepts of quantum physics. Imagine for a moment that you must read an article written in a foreign language, that, for the most part, you do not understand. Then imagine the two words you do understand, supply and demand are repeated again and again within the passage. It would not take the insight of a genius to surmise that the subject of the article might be economics. The Dogon creation story provides us with a similar clue to its meaning with its recurring emphasis on pellets of clay and spiraling coils. It requires only a little imagination to see these symbols as likely references to particles and waves-the essential building blocks of quantum theory…[Here, he inserts a quote describing the dual nature of quantum particles.] Within the creation story we can see an implied knowledge of the wave properties of physics when the Dogon say that the fibers of the first garment mimic the sound of the voice of the Nommo, which tapers off in spiraling coils-a statement that betrays an understanding by the teller of the creation story that sound travels in waves.”