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Dark Phase Space Spotlight On: Noni Red | un-minked - afrofuturist style


Noni Red


un-minked - afrofuturist style//art & jewelry


The relation between different types of energy fascinates Noni Red, and it is expressed in everything she does. As Red sees it, “nothing is concrete or infinite, in the physical; everything is always evolving, and changing. I try and express that.” Being a multifaceted creator, she has been honing her craft of jewelry making, and painting for about a year now. Likewise, Noni Red is a vegan baker, with her philosophy being “we are what we eat, and bodies aren’t meant to be graveyards.”


Minkless Red Jewelry

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So in an awesome act of synchronicity, I so happened to plan my vacation to Amsterdam on the same date as African Homecoming.  Perhaps the spirit of it even called me there somehow… Incredibly hype to attend, and especially excited that I get to purchase some dope jewelry off of Poema Jones in the flesh

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Spotlight On: Artist and Poet Kitakiya Dennis

Refreshing, Honest and inspiring are words to describe the artistic endeavors of Kitakiya Dennis. She started coloring outside the lines in first grade and hasn’t been the same since.

For the past 3 years, Kitakiya has found herself embarking on a journey to create art that’s healing. By combining fundamental design skills, cultural practices and pure self expression, she is taking the world by storm.   
Recently her attention is directed on alternative medicine and traditional healing methods. She is less then 12 weeks away from being certified in Faith and Spiritual Behavioral Health Counseling.  

Kitakiya’s Body Art, Jewelry and Positive words will proudly be featured this month.


*Kitakiya Dennis is an artist, writer, and jewelry-maker who will be bringing her healing art, jewelry, and energy to The AfroFuturist Affair, transforming bodies and words into living, breathing art.

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