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30 Significant Black Characters in SF Films (Part One) via Mizan Media

This is part one of three of “30 Significant Black SF characters in SF films”. In this case, significance is defined as “something that is conveyed as a meaning, often obscurely or indirectly”, I have set 5 basic criteria for picking characters (not the films!). They are as follows below:

1. Character (is the character primary, secondary or extra)
2. Agency (does the character have the ability to make their own choices)
3. Survival (does the character live until the end of the film)
4. Boglesque (does the character appear as a stereotype)
5. Relevance (does character have historical, political or social relevance)

This is an informal, evolving survey of characters and is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is also very specifically about the characters and not about the films, which may or may not hold high significance. It is also my own personal opinion. - M. Asli Dukan

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