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4/4/13 Black Feminist Film School Presents Experimental Shorts



Hey Durham! Full Frame too expensive? Join Black Feminist Film School as we present some of our favorite experimental shorts including select shorts by Black Feminist Film School co-founder Julia Roxanne Wallace!!!

General Info: http://bit.ly/14IDHmx

What: Black Feminist Film School Presents Experimental Shorts

Who: Black Feminist Film School (and you hopefully)
Thursday, April 4th – 6pm
Where: Duke University FHI Garage Smith Warehouse Bay 4
114 S. Buchanan Blvd., Durham, NC 27708-0403
General Info: http://bit.ly/14IDHmx

Films will include:

Water Ritual #1still from Water Ritual #1

Water Ritual #1 (1979)
Directed by Barbara McCullough

Vanilla Sex (1992)
Directed by Cheryl Dunye

Hairpiece (1984)
Directed by Ayoka Chenzira

and select shorts Directed by Julia Roxanne Wallace
including No Legacy Let Go: A Ritual of Remembrance and Healing (2012)

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