The AfroFuturist Affair is a community formed to celebrate, strengthen, and promote Afrofuturistic and Black Scifi culture through creative events and creative writing.
The Afrofuturist Affair has a correlative mission of using the proceeds from our events to fund a $500 community grant. The grant, known as The Futurist Fund will be dedicated to serving the needs of members of an under-served community annually.

The AfroFuturist Affair tumblr provides friends, supporters, historians, and aliens with archives on the first event, updates on Afro-future events, present goings-ons, and to exchange language, images, memories, notes, and energies with other Futurists across cyberspace/time. We practice and revere Ancient Wisdom, Mythology, Liberation, History, Future, Metaphysics, Sacred Math, Prophecy, Science, Trippy, Music, Gods, Art. Anything that one could use as a tool to survive yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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The first sign of a psychosis is a Christ complex” The Lawnmower Man.

On ‘95’s Psychosis, The RZA’s diabolical atmosphere evacuates standard song structure, replacing it with a miasma of swarming drones, infernal sighs, disembodied moans and magnified breathing.

The beats don’t keep time; instead they drag time down into a drugged tempo. A high-pitched hum insinuates through the track, deliberately inducing new and improved tinnitus, the perpetual ringing of the ears that you can never switch off. No earlids.