The AfroFuturist Affair is a community formed to celebrate, strengthen, and promote Afrofuturistic and Black Scifi culture through creative events and creative writing.
The Afrofuturist Affair has a correlative mission of using the proceeds from our events to fund a $500 community grant. The grant, known as The Futurist Fund will be dedicated to serving the needs of members of an under-served community annually.

The AfroFuturist Affair tumblr provides friends, supporters, historians, and aliens with archives on the first event, updates on Afro-future events, present goings-ons, and to exchange language, images, memories, notes, and energies with other Futurists across cyberspace/time. We practice and revere Ancient Wisdom, Mythology, Liberation, History, Future, Metaphysics, Sacred Math, Prophecy, Science, Trippy, Music, Gods, Art. Anything that one could use as a tool to survive yesterday, today, and tomorrow.




South African Artist, Karin Miller’s work is thought provoking with an eclectic sense of cultural study.

In Miller’s own words her work is “a visual play between beauty and tragedy, rhythm and interruption – searching for a sense of order in the overwhelming chaos of life. Two main metaphors I use are those of disguise and pattern. Apart from the obvious masks, I play games of hide and seek with the viewer. Issues are veiled; in the discovery of detail, deceit is revealed and absurdly inverted.”

via two wonderful blogs ArtsyForager, EscapeintoLife

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