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The Afrofuturist Affair has a correlative mission of using the proceeds from our events to fund a $500 community grant. The grant, known as The Futurist Fund will be dedicated to serving the needs of members of an under-served community annually.

The AfroFuturist Affair tumblr provides friends, supporters, historians, and aliens with archives on the first event, updates on Afro-future events, present goings-ons, and to exchange language, images, memories, notes, and energies with other Futurists across cyberspace/time. We practice and revere Ancient Wisdom, Mythology, Liberation, History, Future, Metaphysics, Sacred Math, Prophecy, Science, Trippy, Music, Gods, Art. Anything that one could use as a tool to survive yesterday, today, and tomorrow.










Sooo Gabby Douglas at 4 years old. Should I kill myself now or…?

omg this is so cute and she’s so talented even then

omg and then she just runs away at the end precious gymnast goddess baby <333

oh gosh I’ve been actively avoiding reblogging anything Olympics-related, but this is too cute.

oh my god *w*

So, at four years old I was probably useless….

She’s adorable!!!!



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    That is so not a 4 year old. That is totally a little person disguised as a cute prodigy.
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