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Venus Figurines

Among the oldest surviving examples of erotic depictions are from Paleolithic cave paintings and carvings. Nude human beings with exaggerated sexual characteristics are depicted in some Paleolithic artifacts, namely the Venus figurines. 

The Venus figurines are prehistoric statuettes that, for the most part, depict females that follow certain artistic conventions. Most of them are roughly lozenge-shaped, with two tapering terminals at top and bottom and the widest point in the middle. In some examples, certain parts of the human anatomy are exaggerated: abdomen, hips, breasts, thighs, vulva. In contrast, other anatomical details are neglected or absent, especially arms and feet. The heads are often of relatively small size and devoid of detail. 

There has been a lot of controversy over what these statues were used for/represented. Some archaeologists believe that certain physical attributes (namely the large amount of fat around the buttocks) should be taken as is while others believe it could epresent fertility.  

Archaeologists speculate that the Venus figurines may be emblems of security and success, fertility icons, pornographic imagery, or even direct representations of a mother goddess or various local goddess


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